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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
You got some positive feedback from the initial change to Satisfy Hunger specifically because it meant that players would no longer have to hoard Purging/Salt Water for the final fights to avoid getting healing-gorged. Reverting that part of the change is therefore likely to provoke complaints.
You are very likely correct

Here are my reasons for going ahead with this anyway:
  1. The hunger meter means the player has a chance to plan their food intake before the final fights, which seems reasonable and the sort of integration of the hunger mechanic that I am aiming for
  2. Slowing through fullness sets in gradually - one healing potion will slow the player by a maximum of 1 - so it is a situation the player can respond to dynamically
  3. Only two classes of nine get Satisfy Hunger as a spell, so others choosing to rely on "hunger reduction" would need to devote a slot to it in any case
  4. I plan to introduce some more variety of food, so the player can have more control over their hunger level

While I'm aware that there are some people who wish hunger would just go away as a mechanic, I'm in general not in favor of extreme optimisation of aspects of the game to facilitate the equivalent of speedrunning; I think that's the player's job, not the maintainer's. There was a choice between actually removing hunger or making it more integrated within the game, and overall we came down on the side of integration. So I don't want to then do things that run counter to that, in the same way as I'm not going to introduce this
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