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I am playing a game of 4.20, and greatly enjoying it. I just ran into something curious, though. Just now, I was in the dungeon at 4850', and I ran into Quaker, Master of Earth, asleep. I thought I had killed him already, but it was quick work, and he was soon no more. I went back to the surface, and promptly down again. I have just begun exploring the level, and here is Quaker, sound asleep again. I have checked, and gotten confirmation that Quaker did die long ago at 2400'. So I have killed Quaker three times.

I know that any Maia of Aule may appear as Quaker, of course, but I did not think that they took alternate forms while still asleep. If they do, it seems like a bug to me. For the record, during the time I was fighting Quaker last trip to the depths, he stayed Quaker all through, and never transformed to anything else.
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