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Originally Posted by NCountr View Post
---Mechanics of Spell Scrolls---

Store 4 has 3-4 basic scrolls for sale. Maybe 1-3 scroll spells normally found in Books 2 and 3 now. Store 7 could have a couple of more sensational scrolls for an additional price.

Store 6 will have Bindings for sale. A couple of variety -- trade-offs include bulkier, cheap bindings:
  • An Ethereal Binding which is light weight, impervious to fire and acid, but only holds 3-4 scrolls. So the trade-off becoming, do I want to sacrifice more precious slot space for security of my spell books?
  • a Wooden Binder which could hold 5-6 spell scrolls, yet be susceptible to Fire or Acid. (Never understood why plasma was a thing, but that's another worthless attempt at making mobs more difficult to counter earlier expansion of player power.)
  • A Scroll-Sheath of the Elves which would be something found primarily deep in the dungeon where Elvish Shields and Dwarven Armor can be located. Holds 5-8 scrolls, impervious to elements. Medium weight.
  • A Gnomish Textbook which only holds a few 3-4 scrolls but resists (not immune) Fire and Acid. Or maybe its not as sturdy and has a potential for pages (scrolls) to fall out? Maybe that could be a curse placed on some binders.

Scrolls should be moveable from binder to binder, should the player come across a more optimal book. Players should have the option to have as many books as they deem necessary, not limited to 5 or 9.

Simpler spells will be easy to find, and numerous. So, you can rather easily come-across and acquire a new one every level or so.
Spell scrolls could operate like normal scrolls, except the player has the option to commit to memory or just read and consume once on-the-spot. So, you find a Scroll of Light, say. You can study and commit that spell to Memory (and place in a binder if one has it), OR, you can read it verbatim and light up the immediate area, destroying the scroll in the process.

The UI will know the difference when a player 'r'eads a scroll for 1-time consumption, or 'm'agically casting / 'p'raying from them. (Perhaps the UI could warn players of such a choice the first few times before not asking further... have to avoid those Newb Traps. Insert_eye_roll) 'G'aining a spell/prayer will tell the UI the player intends to commit the scroll-spell to memory.

Priests coming across mage scrolls or Necro scrolls -- maybe they can read them, for immediate, one-time consumption, but maybe they cannot (depending on how much cross-contamination you want)... certainly they could not comprehend them to commit to memory.
Deeper down, past level 30, is where one begins to find the really interesting stuff. I would not code any spell-scroll to be deeper than the current level 60. The point is not to make them AS difficult to find as Rings of Power or other such Artifact items, though, they should not be commonplace, easy-to-find. Set the rarity to 8 to 10..?

The whole point is to slowly build up a large list of spells and prayers to make those choices more interesting as the game progresses.

My favorite spell I've never coded: Ventriloquism (a spell that comes from the oldest of Dungeon and Dragons books as a level 1 mage spell). A mage casts this to alert mobs to a Player being somewhere else in the dungeon. The higher the level the mage, the more effective the spell becomes (better range, mobs are more likely to respond to it). I.e., I can get those annoying Hounds to go bark off in a different hallway for a while. Ventriloquism should be found from level 0 onward. (And/or be a consumable, 1-time scroll.) Scrolls consumed will be consumed at the level of the caster. Level 1 for warriors or non-class casters. Level whatever otherwise for the same-class.

Scrolls not put in binders are susceptible to standard Fire / Acid attacks and also take up a critical slot space. So, unless you intend to stack up Scrolls of Holy Chant, you're better off placing one of those prayers in memory and into a binder with the rest of one's prayers.

Scrolls may be ripped from the binders. If a scroll is removed from player inventory, the spell will only be cast-able as a spell if the scroll is returned to player inventory (or he/she happens to be standing on it).

The number of spells a player may memorize depends on class, class-level, and Wisdom/Intelligence characteristics. Like now, a player may not unlearn something in favor of another spell later on. These are choices we all learn and adapt to as we play the game. Not a Newb Trap. More eye rolling.

Ideally, I think we're still talking spell-casters having 30-40 spells maximum in the game, with an expanded option set of 60-80 spells knowable (of assorted levels). Your current YesMen group will be happy to know they can still go and learn the current stock of vanilla spells _as_is_. Nothing will change if they want to pursue the same set of spells currently furnished by the 5 Mage books in the game. They'll just be spread out more. Those looking for creativity, though, will relish the new expanded horizons for spell casters (and eventually warrior/rogue classes where new abilities and skills could be learned in the same way ... albeit without binders).
First, note that 4.2 rangers have a Decoy spell, which is similar to Ventriloquism, but the player has to lay it beneath them rather than being able to (essentially) place it from a distance.

Now, the general idea. On the face of it, this looks like a really interesting system. It has the capacity to build a character in a very different way to most Angband variants (gear-based), or things like Sangband and Sil (largely skill-based). I don't know exactly how you manage spell-casting realms - you could do it by having some scrolls only available for some classes, or cost more to learn depending on class, or you could abandon classes altogether. Nice idea, well done

The work to implement this from a starting point of current V would be considerable, but not overwhelming - I'm thinking something of the order of the revamp of classes between 4.1 and 4.2. So not prohibitive, but you'd need to be really sure you wanted to do it.

And here's where we get to my difficulty - I don't really want to do it, and I think it's (currently) a bigger change to the game than most people want. This is an absolutely classic case of something that should be implemented in a (new or existing) variant. Not as a birth option - that scale and complexity of change would make that a coding nightmare that would be handed down for generations.

So in summary, great idea, not for current Angband with the current maintainer (although you might be surprised how close you came to game-design-nerd sniping me ). Code it up yourself, or find someone who will. And good luck, I would definitely be interested in how it went, and I wouldn't be too surprised to see it eventually in Vanilla.
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