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Originally Posted by Matthias View Post
Sounds nice. Looks like you've reduced the overall difficulty quite a bit. I really like how you balanced summoning. Is the same true for npc summoners too?
They use the same 'summoned' counter, but the counter prevents them from summoning again. See my blog (summoning veils) for an in-game excuse for this.


> Morgoth is now an equal opportunity employer.

Eh what?!?
Most monsters that used to be male now have MALE | FEMALE to represent that they can appear as either male or female. You can also specify differences in the monster name or description as |male|female| e.g. High priest||ess|

Its a bit hacky - much hackier than I expected when I first started implementing it.

The Roflwtfzomgbbq Quylthulg summons L33t Paladins -more-
In UnAngband, the level dives you.
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