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Announce: DaJAngband v1.1.0 released

(a.k.a. the "I have no life so I design my own variant" variant.)
Savefiles are broken since the previous version.

changes since 1.0.99:

Fixed bugs since 1.0.99 (9/9/99 update):
fixed: hidden attributes on randarts (I consider that a bug anyway)
fixed: power sprite character history is sometimes messed up
fixed: see invisible doesn't let you see monsters which are temporarily invisible.
fixed: when arrows get brand/slays from a bow, it sometimes reads flags from the bow which aren't there (this only had an effect on the artifact short bows Amrod and Amras).
fixed: flags from weapon in shield slot (usually main gauche) can add extra blows to melee.
fixed: sometimes disturbs when it's not supposed to
fixed: slime and silver poison display doesn't always update when it should
fixed: most recommended classes for each race aren't highlighted in the birth menu.
fixed: doesn't display correct damage for acid-coated ammo
fixed: wizard lock doesn't work when targetting a space with an object
fixed: potion of see invisible often only lasts a couple turns
fixed: Elven cloak of enveloping came up as {splendid} instead of {cursed}.
fixed: Monsters try to summon even if all spaces are filled and no new monsters can be brought in: this still may happen with monsters who don't have the SMART flag

Information Stuff:
- can now recognise trap types on the map (usually..)
- if you know that a monster never moves, then you remember where it is.
- monster list is now displayed in backwords order, so it will usually be toughest to weakest (but it's still by index number).
- object list added, and object list command ']'
- Cursed egos (as well as cursed artifacts) now psuedo as 'terrible'. Stuff which previously psuedoed as 'broken' now psuedos (more accurately) as 'worthless'.

Cool New Features:
- golem race added: powerful but has NOREGEN flag
- monsters in groups sometimes wake up their friends
- themed levels added along with appropriate terrain (water for swamps, ponds & trees for the forests, extra rubble for dwarf mine & earth cave). Ordinary trees are in as monsters but have several hacks which make them more like terrain features (They are detected by mapping, but not by detect monster.)
- autosaves whenever a new level is generated

Minor Tweaks:
- slowing is more likely to work against hasted monsters
- torch/lantern of darkvision no longer gives darkvision when it's out of fuel
- amnesia sometimes causes the map to be forgotten like it used to
- added a couple new potions (replacing !boldness and !lose memories).
- humans get one extra stat point to spend at birth.
- Mist of amnesia affects monsters within 14 spaces whether in LOS or not
- monsters that resist nexus have a small chance to resist teleother
- breath shield effect is a little more effective than it was
- stat potion allocation modified again to even out stat gain throughout the dungeon.

Other Improvements & new stuff:
- IMPACT blows: the earthquake is triggered before the monster actually dies so the monster's drop isn't affected. Quakes are triggered with critical hits and rarely otherwise.
- re-arranged prayers so that priests only use eight books (previously they were the only class which still used all nine books in its realm). No one should have to lug around nine books to have access to all their spells.
- added some new alchemy realm spells. The chemical combat spellbook is almost completely redone.
- player now gets XP for earthquake damage when purposely cast by a spell (for spells like nature-volcanic eruption and black-ball of destruction).
- heard but unseen monsters now appear on the monster list and can be targetted, both without showing the specific race name (just the type).
- tree monsters and wall monsters block line of sight.
- damage through immunity fixed: can only happen in melee: 3/4 element damage, 1/4 hurt damage
- *enchant* scrolls can re-enchant disenchanted artifacts.
- chance for double ego 'of lightness' on heavy armor (meaning a heavy armor can get "of resist acid of lightness").
- nature realm re-organized a little (added fire spray and resist silver, removed detect evil)
- spread effect added for fire spray, bug spray, and thunderclap spells. It's like a ball spell centered on the caster which does full damage to everything within 2 spaces away and damage diminishes slowly further away than that.
- artifacts now have a maximum depth they can appear.
- HURT_COLD and HURT_FIRE flags are implemented. Not a lot of monsters have them: mainly HURT_FIRE is for tree monsters and HURT_COLD is for glass/crystal monsters.
- White knight and Black knight classes added.

Notable changes between 1.0.98 and 1.0.99 (9/9/99 update):
- graphics tiles done for old tileset.
- detection radius is now fixed (like in new V, but not as big an area as new V).
- probing now reveals everything that cheak_peak reveals except doesn't always reveal spells.
- slays/brands have partial stacking: (+25% added to x3 multiplier)
- ability to target monsters in walls
- new room types: empty vaults (including some room designs in vault.txt which aren't used for real vaults) ..for dungeon veriety.
- nexus now has approprate effects on monsters
- polymorph should be much less dangerous now (usually doesn't heal). Polymorph spells/wands are also more likely to work now.
- chance based on (clevel + luck + device skill) for wand damage to get a boost (not too big a boost)
- static resistance added (for drain charges) (included in random resistances). IMPORTANT: This is not complete protection like disenchantment resistance is.
- objects in rubble can be found by searching without digging up the rubble. This is done so people like me don't feel like we have to dig up every pile of rubble.

Download link:

The DaJAngband website is not updated yet (it still says the newest release is the 1.0.99 update) because I'm having trouble getting to the webpage to edit it.
EDIT: DaJAngband website is now updated. The link (as always) is in my sig.

The Knight classes: The knight classes are all pretty similar to each other except they each use a different magic realm. They are very tough fighters with mediocure skills and a little bit of magic. They are horrible at stealth and do not like to run away from a fight. There is planned to be a knight class for each magic realm eventually. (The Chaos Warrior is the knight class of the chance magic realm. It is not called a knight because the chance realm is chaotic and knights are lawful).

Play DaJAngband:

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