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Announce DaJAngband 1.2.0 released

(The changelist is long enough I decided to make it 1.2.0 instead of 1.1.3. That and savefiles are broken again.)


Information / Interface Stuff:
- separate level feelings for danger & treasure. Also, each artifact has its own rating to modify the level feeling set in artifact.txt (ego items already had this).
- redo scoring system (first draft version done, needs testing to scale)
- egos in the black marget are fully IDed now (random ability/resist/sustain isn't hidden)
- The zap and 'aim' commands are combined into one (currently either 'a' or 'z' will work for both, but later I'll probably make it only 'z'). This eliminates the silliness that swaps the two commands between the roguelike and numpad keysets.
- Time display in minutes instead of game turns. Game turns are now completely hidden from the player (because they have no meaning in-game).
- Resting while poisoned or cut is now allowed as long as you are above your HP warning mark. Also, there is now a minimum HP warning mark of 2 + (maxHP / 50) (which obviously is still way too low for normal use).
- Anything you've seen in shops appears with the known objects in the knowledge menu (which means you can autoinscribe them), even if you the item is unaware (never IDed an item of that type).
- Your character may now take a nap at home to restock stores (to replace going to L1 to wait 1000 turns). This costs two hours of in-game time.
- There is now an option to squelch when destroying an item.
- A new pseudo tag 'decent' means it has bonuses, but not enough to be called "good". It starts non-existant and broadens with your character level. You will never see an object marked 'decent' because decent-pseudoed items auto-ID like average ones.
- The object list now sorts by value (if the object is aware).
- Permanent walls are now a different color than granite.
- If you save your macros to a pref file and name it "mymacs.prf" then it will load automatically when you open the game.

Option Stuff:
- Added an option to turn off level feelings (turns on a much milder version of auto-scum)
- cheat_noid option added: everything is already identified
- Added an option to replace the 'equippy characters' on the main screen with the time display (defaults to on).
- Added an option to prevent autoinscriptions from overwriting an inscription already on the item.
- Changed the default of the autoscum option to off.
- "know complete monster race info" (cheat_know) no longer prevents scoring (but in other ways still acts as a cheat option (ie: it is marked on the character dump even if you turn it back off)). Functions of cheat_know which I consider cheating (any cheat-knowledge specific to an individual monster) now use cheat_hear.

Monster Stuff:
- groups size for monsters which come in small groups is reduced
- removed NO_SLEEP from most hounds
- EXPLODE monster spell added
- Mimmics now actually mimmic stuff! (Object mimmics are indistinguishable from objects unless/until you recognise them with high alertness or the detect hidden spell. Lurkers and trappers are indistinguishable from floor spaces until you recognise them...)
- Certain dungeon monsters now appear in town as weaker-than-average versions with removed (or reduced) experience reward. Also, distance range of monster spells is reduced in town.
- certain monsters give off their own light (mostly sprites, town monsters, and fire-based monsters)
- Monsters now have several spells they are allowed to cast before they have noticed you including heal, darkness, blink, teleport, and temporary invisibility.
- Certain town monsters and one or two dungeon monsters are now non-agressive (they never attack unless attacked or aggravated). (*I'm not completely sure if this works correctly yet so report bugs..)
- Certain monsters now have the ability to come back from the dead.
- Monsters which are hurt by fire will not summon fire monsters.
- Some significant but not-too-major changes to the monster list and some other tweaks as usual...

Dungeon Feature Changes:
- Statues added, like trees, primarily for themed levels but sometimes found on normal dungeon levels.
- Trees (and statues) will never be placed in doorways (although they may still rarely block a doorway if there is a group of trees together).
- Diggers (or anything with a tunneling bonus) will do extra damage to trees and statues.
- Monster nests now come in different sizes.
- The dungeon level is occaionally a little smaller than full size. This is not common.

Magic Items & object stuff:
- exploding ammo ego and grenades are added (also everburning torch/lantern)
- objects can be dropped (and will stay) in a doorway now
- added potion of resist poison
- artifact DSMs weigh only slightly more than normal DSMs (they used to be over 40lb)
- launchers "of power" or "of accuracy" always have appropriate bonus higher than the other
- Pseudo-randart egos with random magic attributes added (replacing the old 'of randomness' egos), and a couple existing egos have added random stuff. When I added random slays, I replaced the individual "slay xxx" egos with two 'of slaying' egos, one with one random slay, and one with two random slays. If it only has one slay it will be listed as a weapon "of slay xxx" instead of "of slaying". (The one with two random slays also occationally has race-specific ESP to match one of its random slays.)
- Two more pointless types of heavy armor have been removed (in addition to one I removed a while back).
- Added race-specific ESP on some objects (like Sting and occationally on slaying egos).

Changes to effects & Other stuff:
- iron spikes are more useful: automatically uses up to 7 in one turn, bashing doors is slightly easier for the PC and slightly harder for most monsters.
- frenzy effect is slightly more potent. Also the charm effect makes you more vulnerable to amnesia and vice versa (hurts your saving throw against it).
- resist silver & resist slime added to random resistances (and a couple artifacts)
- create traps scroll / monster spell now may create traps on spaces with objects or monsters (but doesn't always).
- Timed branding spells added. (but some of the ammo branding spells still use the old method).
- Most high resists (namely Rshard, Rnether, Rconf, Rdisen, Rnexus, and Rchaos) reduce damage by a less random amount (higher minimum, lower maximum).
- various partial cures for slime and silver poison are generally (slightly) more effective.
- Even open doors stop magic illumination now. If you cast a light spell while standing in a doorway, it will illuminate in both directions.
- Lightning and cold do more damage in water, fire and acid do less damage in water (from UnAngband).

bugfixes since last version:
- (fixed) some weirdness caused by trees being in the code as monsters.
- (fixed) priest's bless weapon spell only wears off while the weapon is being wielded.
- (fixed) slowing a monster which is already slowed may cause a crash.
- (fixed) unnessesary extra message when moving into a space with rubble.
- (fixed) Artifacts often don't appear in character history.
- (fixed) When you kill a unique which is unseen, it adds a "Killed it" message to the character history.
- (fixed) Activations on armor or (randart) throwing weapons do not recharge if you are wielding a light source that needs fuel.
- (I think it's fixed) magic staffs don't always reveal (+0 +0) when pseudo as average.

Download here:

Play DaJAngband:

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