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Sounds fine to me. I did it for enjoyment at the time, I never really licensed them. I don't actually care if the tiles are altered, or if I even get credit for them. Have at it.

Originally Posted by takkaria View Post
Hi Adam, nice to see you around...

I'm just wondering what the licencing is on the tiles you drew? I can't find much information on what you originally said; perhaps you could clarify?

Without being presumptious, something like the following licence would be a good fit for the rest of Angband:

Redistribution of unaltered copies of these tiles is permitted without restriction. Distribution of altered copies is permitted without restriction as long as the alteration does not significantly alter the content. (For example, conversion to another format is permitted.)

Distribution of all other altered copies is permitted as long as the author's name is replaced with that of the alterer, the original author is credited, and redistribution is not further restricted.

[EDIT: actually, that might not be so great. I'll reply here when I have a clearer alternative.]
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