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Originally Posted by andrewdoull
One question about Incursion: I was under the impression in the D20 system that you couldn't directly use the core AD&D 3rd edition material, and it seems (from a distance) that Incursion is...
D&D's got some kind of license in which you can use the materials of one edition or another, so long as you don't directly reference the franchise name, iirc, and Inc works with that license, in some way. Beyond that, Incursion isn't a direct port, by any stretch of the imagination, as those more versed in D&D than I have made comment on the various differences between Inc and its major inspiriation.

Originally Posted by andrewdoull
One thing I'm trying to steer clear of is lots of hierarchical command menus for using abilities.
A worthy goal -- in the example I mentioned, Gearhead's martial arts system, it's not a menu-selected choice, it just happens from time to time, a 'lucky /strike' kind of thing, and Incursion, which does have many ability menu type things, has a very simple and intuitive hotkey system. Beyond that, anything that reduces keypresses without forcing the user to use macros is a serious plus in my to-be-carpal-ridden wrists.

Originally Posted by andrewdoull
I'm not likely to spend the time playing Incursion, so if you could elaborate on the various play styles, it would be appreciated
/Horn toot warning\
Oh dear... well, as you noticed, the game is based -- to a large degree -- on the D&D ruleset, whose class system is, in all seriousness, far more flexible than almost anything seen in band varients (There are some that channel a similar spirit; Portralis (Formerly NewAngband) for example.) Multiclassing and the available presitage classes means that one can twist their character to fit an impressive amount of varied playing styles -- I've personally beat the game as a summoner archtype x2, a 'blaster mage', a 'buffer mage', a dual-wielding heavy-armor using warrior, and a diplomat, and it's been completed by a whole host of other styles -- sneak-thief, assassin-style, archer, item-user, etc.

That being said, I believe I recommened looking at Incursion's early game more than the rest of it -- the big, huge, amazing difference between it and the average band is that it gives you a fleshed out character, straight from level one. A druid, for example, can start off shape-shifting into deadly creatures, calling forth hordes of animal allies, drawing trees from the earth, and spitting swarms of ice-shards at people. A warrior starts off with an impressive weapon, and the potential to do some damningly impressive things with it -- for example, you can start the game dual-wielding what are normally two-handed weapons (Though there's some impressive penalties involved, heh.), and there's a whole host of other styles to explore.

Basically, each character starts of with access to multiple class-defining features, right from the get-go... and can use that as a basis to really shine their class's uniqueness through. This is something that generally isn't seen in *bands, at least not straight from the beginning -- the biggest difference between a warrior and a paladin might be that the warrior can hit a little easier, but the pally can bless themselves, and that's, well... it. In Inc, that warrior'll be tripping things, blasting foes from their feet with mighty strikes, and tossing boomerangs with deadly accuracy while its palladin breathren'll be communing with its god, clashing with the forces of evil with a mighty blessed weapon, and riding down the disdained of its god atop hundreds of pounds of charging horseflesh... and each and every class has a similar list o'defining traits.
/Horn tooting stops here\

Of course, am I saying copy or be damned? No, not even remotely -- while there's what I see as improvement to be found in other roguelikes, that doesn't, even remotely, mean that's what you want to do, nor would I insist anything remotely along those lines. Even if you don't implement a single feature along lines that could be inspired from other games, I'll still play Un. It's already one of the better *band varients to me, and looks like it'll be one of the best when it's finished... at least as far as my personal tastes go.

Originally Posted by zaimoni
I'm pretty sure Incursion isn't using 3rd ed. because hit dice are indefinite, but beyond that I'd actually have to know the details of the published settings to be sure it wasn't reusing those.
From what I remember, it's not... to the best of my knowledge, it's actually a conglomerate of the rules from multiple editions, with some modifications to make it a functioning CRPG... and some additions made by the creator. I've never personally had the chance to play D&D in person -- my only experience with it has been through games inspried by it, to one degree or another. I think my first go was with the first Darksun, some years back.
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