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I registered just to comment on this variant.

I wanted to say that this is, at current time, my favorite variant. I have played Angband and its variants for years, and still have yet to beat one. lol Although for the last 6 months or so Dwarf Fortress has been sucking my life away. I wanted to post just to show my support and let it known that there are people like me who just lurk in the shadows that play UN, among other variants/roguelikes. Keep up the good work, I see good things for this variant.

I can't really comment to much, because I haven't really made it too far. But since it seems that andrew and band are ones looking for comments/complaints/ideas I will share a few minor ones that I have thought of.

Would it be possible, or maybe it is, to change the display of stats from 18/100, to a regular number. Tome allowed for this and for me personally this is something that has always irked me. But don't change it on just my account. Another, when traveling in the wilderness, would it be possible to automatically, or something like that, eat something that is in your pack. Instead of arriving at your destination weak from hunger when you have food in your pack. I am sure there are others, but don't see much of a point in bringing up too much since the game isn't really complete yet and I don't know what is coming.

Overall though, I really like the additional things that one can do. Coating of weapons, searching the cabinets (among other things) in rooms for treasure, and being able to throw spores is a blast too. Oh, and there are also the runes, but I have yet to be able to play around with them. One of the best features in my opinion is the unlockable races. I have always been a fan of unlockable content and I know others hate the idea in roguelikes, but I think it's pretty slick. From the playing I have been able to do I see more things coming that just aren't in the game yet.

Keep up the good work.
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