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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Fixing this is kind of moot until we figure out how to inform the new player that multiple elemental resists do not stack, and that you can double resist with a perm resist and a temp resist. IMO this is one of the key points of the game that is completely unclear unless you read the help files.
Maybe you should see more details in the info when you Inspect a piece of armour with resists? i.e. Ego of Resist Cold could say "Reduces damage taken from cold attacks to 2/3 maximum" instead of just "Provides resistance to cold". The same with potions and spells that give temp resists.

And/or you could stick a little display at the bottom of the sidebar to show the state of your base four resistances at a glance, like this:

 rAcid  None 
 rElec  x1/3 
 rFire  x1/9 
 rCold  **** 
That way newbies could figure out how things stack or don't by observation. (And more experienced players might notice more quickly when they've left a very stupid resistance hole.)

That might make the sidebar a tad crowded, though.
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