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Originally Posted by Napsterbater View Post
Playing current nightlies, can't save my keymaps, they don't get read in to the next game, like squelch settings. Also can't bind a key to rest until healed. All "R\r" does is bring up the rest prompt with "\r"
I brought this up in another thread. Currently, you can't do this directly in the keymap screen, but you can edit your pref file and insert the tag [Return] (including the brackets) into your keymap. Don't know if this is on the table to be fixed or not.
Originally Posted by Napsterbater View Post
The cave maps are really harrowing for diving characters. There's something subtly safe about being in a lighted room, cave maps totally kill that. I guess a lot of survival techniques rely on single-tile corridors. I end up running out of ?PD a lot more. The early game feels a lot more difficult.
Yes, I would like it if the cave maps were changed so they only appear lower in the dungeon. I don't know exactly what is fair... DL 20? 30?
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