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Some thoughts while playing the Nighlty angband-r7dda40ccdd, on Windows 7. Well these are not really concerning a difference from the previous nightly, but they are still concerns about it :-)

Creating a character
- Sex, Neuter: What is the reasoning for this? Which of the races are not split in only male/female?
- Race/Class Extra information: Wow, great!
- Mage: could you add information about gloves and heavy armor reducing SP?
- XP mod, race/class: Example: half-elf mage, xp mod is +10% for race, and +30% for class, but the information given is 110% for race, and 30% for class. Same terminology in both cases, but different type of information. Probably a leftover from long ago when the terminology was different between race and class... Need to give the same information if you call it the same thing, or it will confuse new players. Least confusing to me would be: XP mod: +10% (the + is important since we are adding percentages, not multiplying)

Interacting with keymaps
- Still called 'Interacting with macros'
- There is now a new prompt 'Press any key to continue.' which needs to be cleared after each interaction, feels unnecessary.

- The yellow floor from torch light is much harder to distinguish.
- The green floor at the edge of DTrap is much harder to distinguish.

Dungeon levels have fewer rooms -> fewer empty spaces -> items and monsters are more crowded.
- I'm guessing the generation code is in some experimental phase? Anyone knowledgeable want to expand on this?

Mage spell books
- Any special reason for changing the order of spells? I much prefer to see them in order of level required...

Multiple pvals
- When displaying them <+1, +3>, remove the space <+1,+3>, it is not needed and gets too long.

It blinks away.
- Guess it's nothing new... but still feels strange that I would notice something invisible casting blink...

- CTRL-E command (switch view of inventory to equipment), doesn't work in shops (it doesn't work in 3.2 either, but I remember that it worked in some previous version)

- when setting options, let t toggle between y and n. I believe it did long ago... And it does work in 'Subwindow display settings', so it is user-friendly to allow same command to work :-)

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