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Stack-bug / Null Pointer dereferenced / Crash.

Not sure where to throw this, but in the May 7th nightly (r82a3cef40a), I still had a program crash using 'n' to repeat an action with a stack of items on the floor.

Looks the code is tripping up with Line 132 in object/identify.c with the expression o_ptr -> kind

I have not tried to debug this any further. I think the code is getting snagged there because if nothing is left on the floor, the object_type pointer ought to be referencing something akin to NULL at that point. Not sure where the code is calling that bool from, but the problem is probably stemming from an incorrect command processing sequence, ... somewhere in cmd0.c, but I haven't found it yet....

I think there was a ticket open for this, if so, I haven't double-checked to see if it was closed or not.
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