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Okay, new progress report. First off, here's some shots of the message box when accented characters are displayed:

Nothing particularly off here except for the double space, which I'm pretty sure isn't normal.

The space before "terror" is definitely wrong.

Stray character introduced at the end of the string.

Unrecognized character! Uh oh.

This immediately followed the previous message. Note the space in "have".

It looks like there's some form of string corruption. My guess is that a wide character (2 bytes) is being used somewhere when only 1 byte is expected. In the middle of a string, this would result in extra spaces (since the wide character would probably print as a space), but off the end of the string we get garbage characters instead because we're reading uninitialized memory.

Anyway, onwards! For context: currently clvl38, dlvl67 (3350').

* Spellbooks found: Resistances at 2600', Ethereal Openings at 3050', Mordenkainen's at 3150'. The first two feel a bit late, but Mordy's is normal IMO.

* Notable finds: Boots of Speed +10 at 2350' (dropped by Ulfast), *Acquirement* at 2950', "ESP at 3050' (finally can wear that artifact helm I found much earlier),

* I've found one more artifact, a hammer (playing randarts). It only became worth using once I got some +DEX from my gear -- and even then, it only barely outdamages my old dagger.

* It took me until 2950' to find a Rod of Illumination. That was annoying.

* Acquirement and *Acquirement* are noticeably more common now. Of course, they still usually don't generate anything interesting. I did get a shield with a triple-stacked Protection affix, though (total +50 to AC!). Is that intentional?

* Object detection frequently gives false positives (i.e. red stars where there aren't actually any items). Intended?

* Scrolls of Deep Descent should mention the delay, like Word of Recall items do.

* Staves of Remove Curse seem singularly useless to me right now. Not that the scrolls are much more useful, but the effect is inherently single-shot.

* Maul description: "A heavy war hammer with a larger head." I guess the "larger" could mean "in comparison to normal war hammers", but it should still just be "large" IMO.

* Dwar dropped ?Acquirement, which, when read, generated ?*Acquirement*.

* "Reached level X" notes are added to the log multiple times if you have to regain the level due to experience drain.

* I found a pile of creeping adamantite coins worth only 295 AU. In practice adamantite is always at least 800 AU when found normally, so that's a bit of a giveaway.

* There's no way to squelch ordinary lanterns without squelching the good ones too, at least not from the 'k' menu. Incidentally, I'm still using an Everburning Lantern of Observation (a.k.a. See Invisible). No Phial.
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