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The RNG has a sense of humor. Check out this, my fourth artifact all game:
the Chain Mail 'Eanwe' (-2) [32,+24] <+2>
+2 CON, speed.
Resist acid/elec/fire/cold/poison/light/dark/sound
Protect against fear/blindness
I got this while clearing out one of the really rather frequent angel pits I've been encountering, at 4150' (the pit only had one Istar, which is all that made it feasible). I'd be more than happy to use it over my Elvenkind armor with rNether, except for that whole aggravation thing. Dangit, RNG.

* On a more serious note, there are three artifacts in the artifact knowledge list that I've never seen: Kelth, Natar, and Careglin. Judging from my limited artifact spoiler they're all mid-range artifacts with a generation chance of 99, which AFAICT is the most common an artifact can get, not counting the spellbooks. So something is screwy here. I do have preserve mode on.

* I saw a dracolich in an ice dragon pit.

* I've finally upgraded my weapon! From that same angel pit, I got a Brutal Morningstar of Westernesse (2d6) (+8,+11) <+2>. Standard westernesse except it also has electricity and poison brands. When those kick in I'm doing 70 more damage/round than before; if they don't, I deal 8 less. I figure on balance I'm better off, especially since the +2 CON gets me ~80 more hitpoints. Not like this is remotely enough to actually go hunting the big game just yet though.

* *Enlightenment* probably shouldn't be a "good" droppable; for most characters its utility is equal to a potion of Their Spell Stat + a potion of Enlightenment, both of which are pretty common. Of course, my warrior is even less enthusiastic to get this from offing Ar-Pharazon...

* Accented characters show as two blank spaces in monster recall (c.f. Ar-Pharazon, whose description mentions Numenor twice). Mentioned for completeness's sake; if nothing else it should be an easy repro case for the UTF-8 issue.

* Found item:
Ring of Light <, +1>.
You do not know the full extent of this item's powers.
+1 light radius.
Also affects your searching skill.
On being identified, turns out it gave +4 to searching as the first pval.

* I found Wrath of God sitting in a lesser vault at 4250'. So that's one spellbook that wasn't dropped by its owner.

* I found a weapon with 2 Nightbane affixes. Intended? AFAICT this affix only puts the *Slay* Undead property on the item, so stacking it has no effect. For completeness's sake:
a Topaz Battle Axe of *Slay Undead* (2d8) (+16,+10) <+1>
+1 wisdom.
*Slays* dragons, undead.
Branded with weak lightning.
Grants the ability to see invisible things.
* It seems weird that dragonscale armor can be damaged by acid. Currently it basically appears to be "armor of -2 to-hit and 1 elemental resistance", which is underwhelming.

* Why do gloves get the Featherfall affix? IMO that should be a boots/cloaks/body armor affix. Maybe shields so you can glide like a majestic Olaf by holding it above your head. </obscure>

EDIT: * Found a Massive Elven Rapier. "A slender sword, perfect for thrusting. It is lighter and more accurate than usual, favoured by wood-elf hunters. It is considerably larger and heavier than usual." Some affixes should be mutually exclusive, I think...

* Burden information displays in subwindows. It just doesn't display in the main window.

* It seems like lately mimics are targeting high-value items. Potions of experience, rings of speed, scrolls of banishment, etc. Is this intentional?

I don't really like upgrading game versions mid-character; I'll finish Barlowe off one way or another before getting the latest and greatest.

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