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One goal in balancing the combat in Sil was to give interesting choices between the different weapons and armour.

For instance, heavier armour gives more protection but penalties to melee/evasion. We used to have it such that you'd normally exchange a skill point for an increase of 1 in the average protection. It wasn't clear which was better, so it wasn't clear whether light or heavy armour was better.

However we later realised that as it is often more effective to specialise in a strategy (evasion/protection), most characters would prefer one of the armour types at the extremes. We thought that this was bad: there should be characters whose preferred armour is a mail corslet, etc. So we changed so that you get diminishing returns when upgrading to heavier armour types. Almost everyone now wants to have leather armour rather than a robe, many prefer studded leather, but only protection specialists would prefer a long corslet to a corslet. I'm not sure which is typically the best of the regular types of armour (would be interested to hear opinions).

We used the spreadsheets mentioned above to check that we were creating similar kinds of choices with the weapons, and also that the best weapons with increasing strength got appropriately better.
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