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Review of monster tiles, part I: spiders

Here you should really keep the original mapping, which corresponds to the colors in the txt file:

Elder aranea (r) 0x8F:0xB3
Mirkwood spider (g) 0x8F:0xB8
Aranea (R) 0x8F:0xB6
Phase spider (B) 0x8F:0xB4
Wood spider (U) 0x8F:0xB5
Cave spider (D) 0x8F:0xB7
Giant spider (V) 0x8F:0xB2

Considering the Giant spider, I've filed a bug report IIRC about monsters using the light purple color, which is now used for the special "Display uniques in purple" option. But it shouldn't affect the tile...

The only problem concerns the Giant tarantula (o). In UT32, there's a new tile that isn't used for anything in V and could match: 0x99:0xD3
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