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Yeah, kathoum summed up pretty much exactly my thoughts in his entire post - 'n' does the exact same thing as 'm1d0' if you've already targeted the monster once.

That's why it's especially dangerous I suppose - I mostly only use macros on the easy foes, around which I'm more careless anyway.

Originally Posted by Anne
Tell me about it. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten tired or distracted and done something just slightly careless and boom! Dead.
Indeed. Unangband seems unique in that it's the one *band that whenever I die, I consistently think to myself, "now I know not to do that again." It seems that I rarely die to difficult or unique monsters; it's always due to some other (seemingly insignificant) reason. Maybe that's the thing that has kept me hooked on Un for so long over other variants - every time I die, I learn something new. It seems like a lot of the dangers from vanilla (eg. paralyzation, big poison breaths, etc.) aren't nearly so bad in Un (or maybe I've just never gotten deep enough yet). I like it.
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