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Originally Posted by Scatha View Post
Would that be solved by increasing the reward for the summoners?

I suppose that that's really thinking of the summoned monsters as weapons of the summoner rather than enemies in their own right. But that seems good flavour to me. It fits well with the chance for the summons to dissolve back into the mist (though 10% each turn sounds pretty high), in terms of making them feel more ephemeral, meaning that the summoner is the one you really need to take down, and stopping them from taking over the level.
I have a feeling that we are getting close to the final mechanic and flavour. Summoned monsters are phantasmal creatures shaped of the Mist, with a 3% chance of dissolving each turn. You don't get any loot or XP for killing them. To compensate, summoners have more loot and grant more XP. Some magic items erase phantasms easily.

Jujuben and buzzkill, do you think you could live with this?

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