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I'll continue to talk attributes and skills in the other thread. Here's a little interlude.

Halls of Mist is a difficult game, just like its predecessors. I thought it might be worthwhile to write three strategy guides for beginners. Here's really short synopsises of what the three most essential guides would include. Maybe I'll actually write these at some point, or maybe I'll cover the same information in my skill guides.

1) Assassin's Guide. To do well in Halls of Mist, you need to learn how to distract (confuse, scare, sleep, or blind) tough enemies with spells or powder vials, and then kill them with critical hits. You can increase your ambush chance by using an enchanted weapon or by boosting your combat skill with a magical buff, like Heroism. Basically anything that gives "plusses" to hit in Angband also increases your ambush chance against distracted opponents in Halls of Mist. Rogue is the specialist here but everybody -- save maybe mage -- needs to use these tactics all the time. If you are familiar with FayAngband, you may know these tactics already.

2) Swashbuckler's Guide. How to use terrain features for fun and profit. Take cover against spells and missiles by standing behind a table or platform. Jump on tables and use high ground to help you defend against melee attacks. In Halls of Mist, you can attack two opponents in melee just as well as when attacking only one, so you may sometimes want to hop on a table to fight an entire orc tribe! Hop over bushes and flee tough enemies through wilderness rooms. Most enemies are probably worse jumpers than you are, with 40% in Jumping; orcs, golems, and zombies are especially bad with only 20% in Jumping.

3) Seer's Guide. Identifying stuff is not at all straightforward in Halls of Mist. You need to use your brain. First of all, you need to have at least 20 points in Memory + Wisdom to be able to use Lore proficiencies. (Use proficiencies by pressing 'p'.) If you have MEM+WIS at 30 or higher, you get to identify your whole pack at once or do some other cool things. Stand near a bookshelf to gain a +3 bonus in these Lore calculations, or draw a Circle of Knowledge to get +7. Or you might want to save your Lore point for Alertness (bonuses to AC, saving throw, and detecting traps and invisible creatures until you leave the dungeon level), and instead identify items by using them.

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