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Primary and specialist skills

The first five skills on the character sheet are primary skills, meaning that all classes increase these skills with experience, with varying speed. Your relevant stats and your race have an effect also, in some cases a very big one.

Fighting (DEX & STR)
Shooting (DEX & STR)
Throwing (DEX & STR)
Magic Device (PRE)
Saving Throw (WIS)

The last five skills are specialist skills, meaning that only one class increases his skill score further with experience. This allows your race and especially the relevant stat to have a huge effect on these skills. Upon character creation characters with different arrays in stats tend to have wildly different values in specialist skills.

Stealth (no stat bonuses, only developed by Rogue)
Perception (WIS, only developed by Rogue)
Jumping (DEX, only developed by Warrior)
Alchemy (MEM, only developed by Templar)
Navigation (MEM, only developed by Ranger)

The class that is specialized in the skill isn't usually the best one at the skill at first. But as he gains experience he will eventually surpass every other class.


You haven't heard of the Templar class yet. Templar is a deeply religious knight with a vow of poverty, meaning that he only gets to keep 1/3 of the gold he finds. Templars are very interested in mysteries and in the occult. They are the best alchemists in the game. (The class is inspired by both Rosicrucianism and the Knights Templar.)

Templars are almost as good fighters as Warriors, and have almost as many hit points. Unlike Warriors, they are just as good archers as melee fighters. They have a superb saving throw.

Templars practise ancient armed martial arts with swords and bows. They can access the Lore proficiency Fencing, which gives them an extra blow with a sword against persons and humanoids until they leave the current dungeon level. With Greater Lore (INT+WIS 30+) they gain access to Archery proficiency, which increases their bow might multiplier by two.

Just like Priests, Templars may offer torches for the goddesses in place of ego items, and ego items in place of artifacts.

[Halls of Mist doesn't have Paladins, as I replaced them with Shamans. This class fills the niche nicely. I was also missing a master alchemist class -- alchemy is now very, very important, and I'll talk about it later. Lastly it's nice that Mist has a poor non-spellcaster class in Templar, a middle class non-spellcaster in Warrior, and a filthy rich non-spellcaster in Rogue.]

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