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I'll explain how time works in Halls of Mist.

The travel between dungeon levels takes a lot of time, let's say a week. Traveling, resting, etc. inside a dungeon level is "tactical time" and doesn't really matter.

Every week the Thin White Duke also strengthens his position in the dungeons. This increases the minimum danger level because Duke's agents are everywhere. If the player wants he can advance further than this to the areas in Duke's direct control, to even more dangerous dungeon levels.

In about a year of game time (48 weeks) the Duke has finished his negotiations with the Dragons of Chaos and the Demons of Aether, and conquers your home realm. You have lost your mission.

Of course the timekeeping is very abstract, and is not completely logical. But this is the basic thinking behind the rules.

Good, (at least somewhat) logical, simple.
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