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Originally Posted by ekolis View Post
It takes a week to travel between dungeon LEVELS? Dungeons I'd understand, but individual levels?
Basically what Derakon said, except that it isn't just boring wilderness between the enemy bases.

The Halls of Mist is a dungeon complex that connects worlds. Some of those worlds have completely different laws of nature. Navigating the beast isn't exactly simple.

The dungeon keeps magically shifting, and there's always that hallucinary blue mist confusing you. And labyrinths, those crazy labyrinths everywhere. Who was the idiot who built this damn thing?

For all these reasons and more, all players have the Navigation skill (based on Memory). If you make your roll, you know where you are and know your way back to town. If you make another Navigation skill check, you have followed an ancient map to this level and get a mapping effect that reveals the nearby dungeon.
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