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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
I don't know if you covered this already or not. Is there one ritual per stat? Does HoM still have stat potions, or are rituals the only way to raise stats? Are there other types of rituals that do other things?
Yes, yes and yes.

For example, there's a ritual that permanently increases your infravision by one square per 10 power points. Another raises all of your resistances by 3 points per a 10 power points. Yet another summons powerful weapons, one weapon per 10 power points.

It's just one extra way to raise stats. Stat potions are probably more common now than they were in FayAngband levels 1-48, perhaps a lot more common. Hard to say because item drops are very different now. (You'll find less items but they are more powerful and more interesting. Lots of boring items have been deleted and replaced with new, interesting items. Ego items are now much more common but artifacts are rarer.)

You can also get a random stat increase by drinking from a Fountain of Increase Ability. Be careful with unidentified fountains, though! You automatically try to identify fountains by making a Perception roll when you walk next to them. ("You smell disease.") Like with many skill checks in Halls of Mist, you only get one try.

I don't believe the theoretical average winner has maximized all her stats. That's a good thing considering that I want stats to make characters distinctive.

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