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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
or, secret doors aren't really very secret, they're revealed as soon as you move adjacent to them.

There may still be some cases when you need to search manually once, like after teleporting. I haven't looked through all the cases carefully enough. Search command still exists in the first version but is hopefully gone in the next. Search mode has already been removed.

There's one case where secret doors may remain undetected. Namely, secret doors in cave paintings (red walls). Cave paintings often have hidden Warding Runes which shoot out evil rays to all cardinal directions -- usually to just one direction, though, across the room. A careful player might want to leave some cave walls unsearched if you don't need to cross the room. On the other hand, there just might be a hidden treasure room behind the painting... The best tactic in this case is to use a Staff of Detect Force which detects all terrain features with magical power.

BTW, some Warding Runes are off by default. If you find one with a Perception check, you may then want to use your Alchemy skill to switch it on -- it's fun to let a Warding Rune of Evil Eye curse a horde of orcs as they run past it!

Hmm, maybe this passing mention is enough to cover Warding Runes. Find a Warding Rune with a Perception check, master it with the Disarm command, then Disarm it again to switch it on or off. A successful Saving Throw protects you completely from their effects. Be careful out there when you see red walls!

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