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You may be in for a shock in your first game of Halls of Mist. Even the town level is now populated by the Thin White Duke's agents: novice persons that used to populate dungeon level 3!

You'll want to start thinking tactically from the very beginning. Maybe you should run first to the weapons shop to buy a short bow? Would boots and gauntlets help you defeat that novice warrior?

Luckily you start with a good melee weapon, a Scroll of Phase Door, and a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds.

Warriors will usually clear the town easily and make a couple of experience levels while doing so. Mages have no problems either, if you're smart. Some race/class combinations may have a little trouble but it's nothing impossible.

Rewards are bigger too. It's quite normal to find cool ego items on the first dungeon level, and there's enough variance in devices, potions, and scrolls to make the early game interesting. Basically you get to skip the boring early levels and skip right to the interesting part.


The Wound system has been tuned a little to make the early game more forgiving. Whenever your hit points go to negative, you heal to half your maximum hitpoints, cure most negative effects, and get a random wound. There are three possible wounds: Vigor (STR & CON), Wit (MEM & WIS), and Grace (DEX & PRE). If you ever get the same wound again, you die.

The ability damage from a Wound now depends on your dungeon level:
  • In town, you just get a scar. No ability damage.
  • Starting from DL 1, you get some temporary ability damage to one of the stats.
  • Starting from DL 12 you get some temporary ability damage to both stats.
  • Starting from DL 24 you get a point of permanent damage to one of the stats, and some temporary damage to both stats.
  • Starting from DL 36 you get a point of permanent damage and some temporary damage to both stats.

There are now a couple of ways to cure a Wound: drinking from a Fountain of Cure Wound or performing the Ritual of Cure Wound. The ritual may sometimes cure more than one wound. If a Wound is cured, all the permanent ability damage from that wound is also healed.

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