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If you have any proficiency points (Lore, Reserves, or Escapes) you may use your proficiencies by pressing 'p' and choosing the proficiency you want to use. You can see your Reserves, Escapes, and Lore points on the left side of the screen below Hits and Mana. The proficiency points are refreshed each time you go down a staircase.

All characters gain a point of Reserves for every ten experience levels. Reserves points allow you to use the proficiency Recover which is simply Cure Critical Wounds. You can use Recover even when blind or confused.

Half-faery races (Elf, Dwarf and Gnome) gain a point of Escapes at levels 5, 15, 25, 35 and 45. Escapes point may be used for the proficiency Escape. Choose a direction, and Escape tries hard to teleport you in that direction, usually at least 15 squares away if there are enough empty floor squares to land on in that direction, and never further than 25 squares. You can use Escape while blind or confused. You can't choose a direction if you are confused.

The flavour of Escape is that the faery races are able to take shortcuts through the Faery Realm, which has a strong presence in the Halls of Mist. If you know where to look, you can find a small portal (a "mouse-hole") and enter through it to the Faery Realm. Then you shift back to the physical world, in a different location.


20+             Lore 1          Alertness, Identify
30+             *Lore* 1        Alertness, Identify Pack, Study Item
40+             *Lore* 2
50+             *Lore* 3
60              *Lore* 4

* Stand next to a bookshelf to get +3 to Lore calculations.
* Stand in a Circle of Knowledge to get +7 to Lore calculations.

Lore points and available proficiencies are derived from your Memory and Wisdom. As you can see in the table, MEM+WIS 20+ gives you access to Common Lore, with two proficiencies:
  • Alertness. +4 to armour class, +10 to saving throw, and +25 to finding traps and warding runes and to noticing invisible creatures next to you. The bonuses last until you leave the dungeon level.
  • Identify.

You gain access to Greater Lore, also known as *Lore*, when your MEM+WIS reaches 30+. At first, you don't get any extra Lore points.
  • Alertness. It doesn't get any better at first. However, the effects cumulate in case you spend multiple *Lore* points on Alertness.
  • Identify Pack.
  • Study Item. Make a skill check: Alchemy for potions, Perception otherwise. If you succeed, you *Identify* the item fully. For potions, that also means learning their ingredients and all potions that can be mixed using this potion as one of the integrients. Note that Halls of Mist has an artifact memory -- information about *Identified* artifacts is kept for future generations of player characters.


Templars get Fencing proficiency in place of Alertness. When they gain access to Greater Lore they will also get Archery proficiency.

Fencing gives an extra sword blow against persons and humanoids until you leave the dungeon level.

Archery gives +2 to your bow might multiplier until you leave the dungeon level.

Both of these proficiencies cumulate in case you spend multiple *Lore* points on them.

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