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One more try. Four attack skills with flavourful names, and simple d100 under skill attack rolls with no modifiers.

Slash (DEX): melee and thrown weapons against light armor
Pierce (STR): melee and thrown weapons against heavy armor
Snapshot (DEX): thrown powder vials, archery against easy targets
Forceful Shot (STR): archery at long range or against heavy armor

The STR-based skills would always have lower scores than the DEX-based skills.

Forceful Shot seems realistic enough. You use it when you either need to shoot far, to shoot at weak spots in an armor, or both at once. In all cases you would probably need more STR than DEX.

Rogue would be good at Snapshot but pretty average at Forceful Shot. Ranger's Forceful Shot would be almost as good as her Snapshot. Fighter's Pierce would be almost as good as his Slash. With this simplified system the classes could actually be more distinctive than before.

Ambush (no stat bonus) skill score functions as your critical chance against distracted opponents (sleeping, scared, confused, blind). There is no other way to score critical hits.

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