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Halls of Mist is here (now at 1.2.3)

Halls of Mist was first released here on oook on September 13. Thanks to the help I received from the folks here, I was able to update to a more polished version 1.2.1 before announcing the game on ARRP 2012 on September 16! The biggest change is that the internal help files are now up-to-date.

The download links, except for OS X executables, have been updated to latest version. (Bugfix releases 1.2.2 and 1.2.2b. Version 1.2.3 has also some important new features besides general polishing.)

Download Halls of Mist here:
Halls of Mist is a successor to my earlier roguelike FayAngband, which was based on Eytan Zweig's EyAngband. If you are interested in the history of FayAngband, you may also want to read the release announcement for version 1.1 which had big changes.

I'm not even trying to make a changes list. It's easier to just treat this a new game.

The game is set in a brand new world, and has had a complete gameplay overhaul.

What hasn't changed from FayAngband are my design goals:
  • Halls of Mist should not reward slow playing. Instead, it should reward good tactics, and taking calculated risks.
  • Make the gameplay faster. Remove unnecessary tedium.
  • Characters should be different from each other. All character classes should have their distinct personality, and all stats should be important for all classes.

Well, maybe with Halls of Mist I have added a fourth design goal to the list:
  • The dungeon should feel like a real, mythical place in a fantasy world. Every dungeon level should feel unique and bring different challenges and opportunities to the player.

Eventually will be the game's web page. For now it just holds the old development blog.

My biggest influences when developing Halls of Mist were David Bowie's persona The Thin White Duke, Andrew Doull's UnAngband, the forgotten classic Kamband, and listening to the Roguelike Radio. (Thanks to the RR I don't have to spend years playing all the great roguelike games myself! Stealing good ideas has never been this easy.) I've stolen some code and ideas from Angband, Sangband, and NPPAngband. My own code is pretty ugly since I've learned everything I know about C by reading Angband's source code.

Here's a collection of documentation posts to get you started. Most of the info here is also available in the internal help system. But if you want to find out what's new in Halls of Mist compared to my older variant FayAngband, these links may give you a better picture. The documentation is my Achilles' heel at the moment -- I have plans for a pretty pdf manual written from scratch.

The flavour behind the stairs mechanic. "It takes a week to travel between dungeon levels?"

Attributes and skills
The stats are the heart of the game. They can be divided into physical stats and mental stats.

Skills are divided into primary and specialist skills. Skill checks are mostly unmodified percentage rolls, like all skill checks for Alchemy, Jumping, Navigation, Saving Throw, and Perception. (Some extra information on Perception, secret doors and warding runes.)

Proficiencies are special abilities derived from your MEM+WIS, race, and level. (Here's some design philosophy behind mechanics that use MEM+WIS.) If you're still scratching your head, read Lore for Dummies.

Weird magicks!
Alchemical Circles: a riddle, an explanation, and a complete list of all seven circles. Ritual Magic uses circles, too (some more info).

You may sacrifice ego items or artifacts on altars to gain temporary or permanent blessings. (In the future, ego items will become "rare" items.) And here's the design philosophy behind the deity system.

Up-to-date combat rules.

Even the town is now dangerous. You get wounded below 0 HP.

Torches are now interesting.

Read the tiny strategy guides if you want to triumph in Halls of Mist.

Watch out for summoners! (The mechanic will change to this in future versions.)

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