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Originally Posted by Scatha View Post
- Playing a Warrior I only ever died fighting uniques
- at DL8-13, generally diving a fair proportion of the time because I could cope with everything else I met

- I like the dungeon descent rules
- But are there any advantages to skipping a town break?
- I guess it saves a few turns of your torch ...
What if you could descend three levels if you take the stairs down in a dungeon? It would ease both of these concerns.

"Descend one (l)evel, (d)ive two levels, or (b)urrow three levels?"

I mean burrow metaphorically of course. Does the verb make sense here? Better ideas?

Edit: (p)lunge three levels maybe?

With warriors (and often with mages, too) I generally dive all the way down to DL 20 at least. It would be fun to descend even faster.

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