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Halls of Mist 1.2.2

Halls of Mist 1.2.2 bugfix release is now available!

Please check the first post of this thread for downloads: source, Windows, 64-bit Linux.

Darin, Michael or anyone, feel free to send me OS X executables by email, and I'll make them available. One OS X executable for Intel Macs is probably enough, or has anyone noticed differences between Michael's and Darin's builds?

  • Rooms with a non-central "forest" have their monster chance increased from 57% to 60%. I'm trying to make creatures from Thornwild about as common as creatures from Skultgard.
  • Starting mon_gen upped from 8 to 9. This makes monsters from Aether and Chaos more common, and levels with many empty rooms more dangerous. This should not affect levels with interesting terrain features, they already had lots of monsters.
  • Player needs 10% more experience points for each experience level. (Mostly based on my and Scatha's experiences with warriors. The early game was slightly boring for them, even if you dived all the time. Perhaps some other classes need help -- not sure.)
  • Updated help files: added "avoid the effects of some traps" to the list of Jumping skill checks. (Most importantly Jumping helps dodge the dart traps that reduce stats.)
  • Round up the gold that Templar gets to keep.
  • You can no longer second-attack unseen monsters or monsters in the wall. (Thanks Scatha and Starhawk.)
  • Ask confirmation to second-attack calmed or sleeping monsters; if not, move on to the next non-calmed or non-sleeping monster if there is one in melee range. This makes especially Calm Monster much more useful.
  • Moved XP bar to the opposite corner and made it always 8 characters wide. That means it's visible even on 80 character wide displays, like the curses display I use on Linux. It replaces the old food status display that is not needed anymore. Changed the character from * to + to make the bar different from the monster health bar. (Thanks Starhawk and others.)
  • Bugfix: coin-flip powders always completed the second circle. (Thanks Satyr.)
  • Bugfix: Burning Hands/Claws of Winter now properly ends after one use even when the player is fast.
  • Bugfix: You no longer get messages about monsters hopping on table etc. if you can't see them. (Thanks buzzkill.)
  • Bugfix: No more messages about monsters getting blasted by runes if you can't see them.
  • Bugfix: Option for the starting kit is no longer visible. (Thanks jujuben.)
  • Bugfix: Options to show room descriptions or a subwindow for them are no longer visible. (Thanks buzzkill.)
  • Bugfix: Statue didn't get the +25 bonus to all resistances. (Thanks Satyr!)
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