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Halls of Mist 1.3.0

EDIT: New version 1.3.2 is out! See this thread.

You wouldn't have expected version 1.3.0 so soon after 1.2.3, would you?

EDIT: And 1.3.1 so soon after 1.3.0. Download links updated.

  • Mana now works much like in Ironband. You have lots of mana, but it only gets refreshed on new dungeon levels.
  • Summoned creatures are mist-phantasms. They don't give loot or experience, and they have a 3% chance of dissolving each game turn.
  • If you spend too much time on a dungeon level, mist-phantasms start appearing spontaneously! This is another "clock" that makes you think how you spend your time -- don't rest if you really don't need to.
  • Simplified proficiencies. The points are now called identify, recover, and escape. Forget everything you know about Lore. Everybody has exactly two identify points. To identify an item, make an Alchemy skill check. In a Circle of Knowledge, you may instead try to Identify Pack or to Fully Identify.
  • There are now more alternative routes to many rooms. Bypassing difficult monsters should be easier than before.
  • Tweaked healing spells and items. A healing effect now always heals a percentage of wounds plus some hit points. (You get full info by inspecting items or by browsing spells.)

For a quick introduction to Halls of Mist, see the Roguebasin page.

Excellent critical feedback inspired me to try to fix the perceived problems. I'd especially like to thank buzzkill who thought playing mages was boring and who doesn't like resting in general, and Scatha, who found proficiencies too complicated and who also critiqued tree-shaped dungeons levels that didn't allow you to circumnavigate difficult monsters.

I had to break savefile compatibility. Finish your old characters in version 1.2.3.

The balance might be a bit off after such radical changes. Keep the feedback coming! For example, it's still possible to make radical changes to the mana system if this one doesn't seem to work.

Full change list:

Ironband Mana
  • Mana now works much like in Ironband! You have lots of mana, but it only refreshes when you enter a new dungeon level.
  • If you raise levels mid-dungeon-level, you get mana points with the new levels. If you lose levels, you also lose the mana points that came with them. Mana may go to negative.
  • Mana now depends solely on your class and level, not on your spell stat. Spell stat still affects fail rate and the number of known spells.
  • Modified the spell stat/number of spells table.
  • Added 6 to fail rates of all spells.
  • Experience level reduces failure rate less. (Was 3*, now 2*.)
  • Restore Mana restores 20% of max mana.
  • Ring of Mana and similar items changed. They sometimes let you cast spells for free.
  • Casting Phlogiston does not consume any fuel from the torch. (Because the mana cost matters much more now.)
  • Mage gets +1 to hit die side.

  • All summoned creatures are shaped out of the mist. Mist-critters have a 3% chance of dissolving each turn. They drop no loot and killing them gives no experience. To make them stand out, mist-creatures' color alternates constantly between different shades of blue and violet.
  • If you spend a long time on a dungeon level, mist-critters start appearing spontaneously! The dungeon uses your own imagination against you... Monster counter starts at 250. Every game turn the counter has a (1d1000 < monster counter) chance of decreasing by one. Every game turn there's also a 1 in (monster_counter) chance that a new mist-critter appears. You get a message when the counter reaches the bottom. Here's another clock that should make you think a bit before resting -- sometimes you may want to recover hits while travelling. (After one Wooden Torch the counter is usually somewhere around 30. After two torches it might be somewhere around 3. While you are wielding the third torch, the counter probably reaches 1, meaning that a new monster gets generated every turn.)
  • Mist-phantasm breeders spawn new mist-phantasms.
  • Circle of Summoning and all summoning scrolls may summon a bit more out-of-depth monsters. (But they are only mist-creatures.)
  • Weapons of Reality dissolve phantasms with a single hit. (A new flag: KILL_MIST.)
  • Ring of Range replaced with Ring of Wind Control and made deeper (DL 28). Increase powder radius and thrown/archery range by pval. Nearby mist-phantasms have a 30% chance of dissolving each turn.
  • Torch of Truth. Bonus to perception. Nearby phantasms have a 30% chance of dissolving each turn.

Simplified proficiencies
  • Greatly simplified the proficiencies. The points are now called identify, recover and escape.
  • Forget everything you know about Lore. Everybody has exactly two identify points. To identify an item, make an Alchemy skill check. In a Circle of Knowledge, you may instead try to Identify Pack or to Fully Identify. For each object, make an Alchemy skill check.
  • The proficiency Alertness doesn't exist anymore.
  • Templar loses the fencing and archery proficiencies. He now has fencing always on.
  • Templar has always gained an extra shot at level 25, just like Ranger, but it wasn't mentioned in the docs. (To tell the truth, I didn't even remember it. But it's a good special ability now that Templars don't have special proficiencies anymore.)
  • Scroll of Lore replaces Scroll of Identify. Gain one identify point.

Tweaked healing spells and items
  • Potion of Healing renamed to Cure Mortal Wounds. Potion of *Healing* renamed to Healing.
  • Cure wounds spells and items altered and probably made stronger (inspired by Squeak, thanks). They used to cure either a percentage of wounds or a minimum amount of hits; now they cure a percentage of wounds *plus* some hit points. Potions and spells of the same name now heal the same amount -- potions do cure extra status effects, though. Here's how much they heal: Cure Light Wounds: 15% of damage + 5 hits. (Spell & Staff.) Cure Serious Wounds: 30% of damage + 10 hits. (Spell & Potion.) Cure Critical Wounds: 45% of damage + 15 hits. (Spell & Potion & Recover proficiency.) Cure Mortal Wounds. 60% of damage + 20 hits. (Spell & Potion.) Healing. 75% of damage + 25 hits. (Spell & Potion.)
  • Made taint worse. Tainted players get only 60% benefit of any healing of hit points. (They used to get about 4/5.) Show the player how many points got drained.

Item tweaks
  • Short Sword damage upgraded to 1d8. Shortspear, Short Sword and Broad Sword are more expensive. Quarterstaff is cheaper.
  • Light branded weapons blind monsters less frequently. Golden Hatchet was still too good after my previous nerf...
  • Wand of Polymorph is much cheaper.
  • Mushrooms of Cure Poison and Cure Disease combined into a Mushroom of Antidote.
  • Added a rare Mushroom of Fortification. Increases all resistances by one. When eaten by a Shaman, it increase all resistances by two.
  • Detection staves are cheaper. (I've now halved their price several times... Is this cheap enough?)
  • Rings of Acid, Flames and Ice shallower, but still very deep.
  • Ring of Sustain All shallower, DL 40.
  • Rings of Resist Poison and Resist Disease shallower, DL 26, and slightly more uncommon.
  • Ring of Mighty Throw made shallower (DL 18).
  • Changed the item flag MYSTIC_RANGE to BOW_THROWN_RANGE. It doesn't affect spell range anymore.
  • Combined ARCHERY and THROW_SKILL flags to MISSILE_SKILL to make room for a new flag. Changed a couple of items because of this.
  • Ego torch fuel reduced to 4000.

Monster tweaks
  • Monster groups are smaller. Reduced GROUP_SIZE_BASE from 9 to 6. GRP_9, GRP_18, GRP_27 changed to GRP_6, GRP_12, GRP_18. (Thanks, Scatha.)
  • Chaos Cocroach's speed lowered to 115. (Thanks, Scatha.)
  • Elnora now sometimes shoots arrows. (Thanks, ekolis.)
  • Death Sword is dark red, Doom Sword is violet. They lose the ATTR_MIMIC flag to make the new colors really show. (Thanks, Starhawk.)
  • Creeping coins and gems shine suspiciously -- every other turn they are pure white. "It looks a bit TOO shiny..." (Thanks, ekolis.)
  • Wormy renamed to Whiskers the Rebel. He's a wererat. (Thanks, Squeak!)

Other changes
  • Dungeon generation now builds additional tunnels after all the rooms have been connected. This should give you more alternative routes around tough monsters. To make the resulting dungeon a bit tidier, reduced the required room_distance a bit when connecting rooms with tunnels. Also, tunnels automatically terminate when they hit other tunnels. (Thanks, Scatha and others.)
  • Rooms are a tiny bit larger vertically on average. (More walls for the extra tunnels to pierce through tidily.)
  • The game tries not to use any one room style too often. For example, if you have had a couple of levels with lots of wilderness, the next level will probably not have any.
  • Kyrrus have only 115% exp penalty, reduced from 120%.
  • Lizardmen can be priests.
  • Cleanse Taint gives bless for a little while if it cured taint. This protects from being tainted again on the following turn. (Thanks, Squeak.)
  • Chant spell costs one mana less. Duration lengthened by about 60%. (Thanks, Squeak.)
  • Batman flavour to attack messages when hallucinating!
  • Give a message when you can't search a bookshelf, a rack, a closet, an interesting vegetation, or a fountain because you are confused. (Thanks, buzzkill.)
  • You can now check what you have learned about the deities' blessings from the knowledge menu. No need to keep notes anymore.

  • Unidentified rods didn't show (charging). (Thanks, ekolis.)
  • Circle of Permanence didn't make temporary resistances permanent. (Thanks, Squeak.)
  • Weapons of Reality has some weird prerequirements of the weapon's material.
  • The monster "race" Lycanthrope wasn't implemented properly in all places, like in the monster recall.
  • Powder Vial of Darkness always completed a Circle of Summoning. Now getting a Circle of Nexus is possible too. Sorry!
  • Class help still referred to Intelligence, not Memory. (Thanks, ekolis.)

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