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Halls of Mist 1.3.1

The bugfix release 1.3.1 is now available! I updated the download links in the first post.

  • A great overhaul for the dungeon generation! I stormed all the places where bugs loved to hide.
  • The player always starts near walls. That's a more logical place for an up staircase (if you get one), and also a bit safer place to start.
  • All cul-de-sacs now have either stairs or faery portals. Faery portals are a bit more common, but I didn't change the numbers for staircases. There are still two down staircases and a 30% chance for an up staircase.
  • The two guaranteed down staircases can't be near each other. This should make escaping tough levels easier.
  • Similarly, faery portals can't be next to each other.
  • Phantasm clock tightened. "Mist-die" still starts at 1d250, but the game now rolls 1d900 (not 1d1000) every turn when trying to remove one side from the Mist die. You now roll the Mist die *twice*, and if either of the rolls is 1, you get a phantasm. (Thanks buzzkill and Starhawk.)
  • Mana cost of Holy Sigil reduced from 15 to 2. Mana cost of Glyph of Warding reduced from 55 to 5. (Thanks, Scatha.)
  • Bugfix: Scroll of Lore gets properly identified when read. (Thanks, Starhawk.)
  • Show only two (different) messages about torches running low on fuel: at 100 fuel and at 10 fuel. (Thanks, buzzkill.)
  • Summon scrolls and Circles of Summoning now summon real monsters. Returned them to the original monster level. (Thanks, Starhawk and Scatha.)
  • The faeries you get from Fountains of Summon Faeries are real.
  • Wizard mode summon monsters also summons real monsters.
  • Summon scroll are somewhat rarer and come in stacks of 1d2 instead of 1d3.
  • Everybody now leaps instead of hopping. (Thanks, buzzkill.)
  • Resting doesn't have options "rest for SP" or "rest for both SP and HP" anymore. (Thanks, ekolis.)
  • Hitpoints are now generated non-randomly.
  • +2 bonus hit points to everyone at first level! (In total, everyone gets +5 bonus hit points at first level, compared to Angband.)
  • Mage gets +3 to Perception. He's pretty good at it.
  • Rings of Mana are much shallower, 32 -> 20.
  • Wand of Magic Missile is slightly more common and slightly more expensive. One less charge on average. Made it positively tricky to use for beginning characters, more difficult than Wand of Slow Monster. Damage increased from 2d6 to 2d10. It's a treat to characters with a high Magic Device skill.
  • Wand of Stinking Cloud is slightly more difficult to use.
  • Elemental attack wands have a bigger chance of appearing on shallow levels.
  • Wand of Harpoon starts with an extra damage die. (They depend on player level.)
  • Many deep devices are slightly less deep.
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