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Halls of Mist 1.3.2

Yay, 1000th post!

Also yay, Halls of Mist 1.3.2 is here!

I'm now using Mercurial, which makes coding faster and more enjoyable. The source package is actually a zipped Mercurial repository, meaning that it includes a hidden .hg folder. Halls of Mist doesn't have an online repository yet, but if you want to contribute patches, we can easily work something out.

Derakon, thanks for recommending Mercurial! It's also perfect for many of my non-coding projects, and there's a lovely book that makes learning Mercurial a breeze.

I'm too tired at the moment to create a change list that makes sense... A couple of notes will have to do for now. I just want to get this more polished Halls of Mist out, quickly!

Notable changes:
  • Lots of bugfixes. I combed through all reports here on oook, and I think I managed to fix everything (?).
  • Lots of balance problems fixed. Most importantly, Spellswords and Absorb Hit tuned down. Semi-spellcasters have less mana.
  • Mist phantasms start appearing sooner, and they are always awake.
  • All torches have only 2000 turns of fuel, like the basic Wooden Torch. Torches are somewhat lighter.
  • The Circle of Knowledge abilities -- Identify Pack and Fully Identify - always work, but you need to spend two identify points to use them. Also, the weak Scroll of Lore is gone, and Scroll of Identify is back. (It is quite expensive, though.)
  • You become acclimatized to the Mist when you spend multiple dungeon levels underground. When you take the stairs down in the dungeons, you receive a randomly chosen skill bonus to Perception, Spell Save or Stealth. You can only get each bonus once -- after three down staircases in the dungeons you are have gone "native" and have the full bonuses. If you return to the surface you lose the bonuses. (Basic idea by Derakon.)
  • Berserk Rage now heals 45% of wounds + 15 hits, makes you immune to fear, gives free action and extra blow, and doubles thrown damage. That's all. (Free Action was Magnate's idea.) Rage doesn't gives bonuses to hit anymore; to compensate, Bless and Heroism give bigger bonuses.
  • 'R'esting now waits for 50 turns or until you are fully healed. Hit the button repeatably if you need to. (Thanks, buzzkill.)
  • All resistance bonuses are capped at 60%. With temporary bonuses they can rise up to 90%. No weird exceptions.
  • The maximum stack size is now 30.

A big thank you to everybody who has provided feedback! Without it, Halls of Mist wouldn't be half as good a game.

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