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Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
I found a reproducible bug in the newest version (1.0.15).

Bug: ALL Monster Troll subraces start as Forest Troll in Outpost.

e.g., I pick Ettin, Spirit Troll, etc. When the game starts in Outpost, I'm a Forest Troll, regardless of subrace (e.g., Troll King, Ettin, etc), subclass (e.g., Mighty, Combat, etc), gender, and autoroller options. What's going on?

This bug affects all Troll monster subraces.
This is by design. Trolls evolve Forest->Stone->[Fire | Ice | Algroth->Aklash]->Olog->[Ettin | Storm Troll | Spirit Troll | Troll King]. In other words, only that last evolution differs among the various kinds of trolls.
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