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Yet another trivial release (1.0.20) is available here:

This release adds 2 new specialities for the Devicemaster: Potions and Scrolls. Both of these subclasses can get 5 blows max instead of the normal 4 for this class since their aren't many offensive scrolls, and aren't any offensive potions (other than chucking death or detonations, but you don't want to risk carrying those in your inventory!). The standard devicemaster adjustments apply: enhanced power with potions/scrolls, the ability to use these objects much more quickly, the ability to preserve the objects so they are not always consumed, the ability to transfer "charges" from one object type to another and the ability to consume multiple items in a stack in an act of desperation for increased effectiveness.

The rules on transfer (which is hard to balance, obviously) are that you can only transfer from source objects of a greater or equal depth from the destination objects. Also, you can't choose worthless source objects (like the relatively deep scrolls of curse weapon/armor).

Anyway, I've playtested the potion speciality a bit and the scroll speciality not at all, so I'm sure these will need some adjustments down the road.
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