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I just uploaded 1.0.21 here:

This release fixes a serious bug with potions of polymorph causing the program to hang!

In addition, I brought back the virtue system.
*It is now optional with a birth option (enable_virtues).
*If you upgrade a savefile from before the version where I removed the virtue system, the game should keep your virtues intact and leave the virtue system enabled, but you might want to try to upgrade with a backup of your save file just in case.
* If you upgrade a savefile from a version that did not have virtues, then the virtue system should be turned off.
* If you start a new savefile, virtues will be on by default, but you can turn them off by pressing '='.
* The player now receives messages whenever they perform actions that affect one of their virtues. Messages are displayed as long as the disturb_minor option is turned on. Otherwise they are suppressed.
* All of the virtues now have minor gameplay effects. I can provide spoilers if desired, but none of the effects are very strong so all may be safely ignored if desired.

Finally, I did some minor work on improving the helpfiles, especially MonsterRaces.txt. This file now gives stat and skill breakdowns for each evolutionary step, but there are still a few problems with the file. For example, hounds evolve randomly so the races listed are random ones in each given tier. But it is still an improvement over the last release
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