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Originally Posted by MattB View Post
23 billion game grids??!
Actually less than 20 billion; there are 12x15 map squares, not 12x18. There's also an error in my little picture - region grids are square miles, so there are 49x49 of them to a map square.

So, the good news is that I now have something which is probably technically a functional game. It consists of:
  1. A 'wilderness', made up of squares of uniform terrain (all plains are all grass, etc). Forests have some slightly more advanced generation (the odd clearing or pond). But everything is a long walk across the desert, and there's no travel system yet.
  2. A single landmark, the Gates of Angband, which the player starts in front of. This is easily the best part of the game at this stage; it's probably not a coincidence that I'm not responsible for it (HallucinationMushroom is).
  3. A 127 level persistent dungeon. Levels are square, and one third the size of regular Angband (or FAangband) levels. I have done just enough to make this generate successfully. Usually.
  4. Character classes and races, monsters, objects are all as in FAangband; all races start in the same place. There is no town, or shops.
  5. Lots of sand. It's currently kind of a sandbox...

Also, frequent crashes are to be expected.
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