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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
Crash bug in 438-gd81b48f. I think it has something to do with chaos vortex, but not sure. I had severe cuts status, grand master mystic nearby and chaos vortex breathed which caused game to crash (shimmering effect & hallucination = crash?)
I had a segfault yesterday that I think was also related to a chaos vortex:

0x000000010004ab7e mon_clear_timed + 14
0x0000000100078fb0 project + 13312
0x0000000100049373 do_mon_spell + 563
0x000000010003574a make_attack_spell + 1642
0x0000000100035dfd process_monsters + 1437
Maybe related to the polymorph crash?
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