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Originally Posted by slinberg View Post
2. Something's wrong with the character history display under "knowledge" - most of the past items all have the same turn number (162,015 in my case)
I ran into this issue in 3.5 and I believe I know what is going on. I do not know, however, if it is an intentional addition or not.

It seems that if you use the task manager to end your game, it will edit your current save file, changing all of your character history line items turn counts to your current turn. I discovered this during a run in which I was cheating a bit. If you utilize the task manager to end your game, (even on the tombstone screen) it will end without overriding your current save. Not something I always do, but sometimes I play with a drink or two (or more) in me, and I require a handicap.

Like I was saying, I am unaware if they added this as some sort of save-scum flag, or if it is some sort of glitch in the code, but as far as I have seen, this is how this situation seems to happen. It will continue recording your turn count correctly afterward, but the second you end the program abruptly, it will again alter your save file character history record.
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