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Sil 1.2.1

Sil 1.2.1 is now available.

Headline features:

* Quite a lot of changes and fixes for a 9-day release
* Fixed various bugs from 1.2.1 -- some very important
* Fixed quite a few older bugs too

Full Changelist:

- monster songs
	- made Morgoth's Song of Piercing a bit easier to resist (+5 bonus)
	- fixed Morgoth's Song score to 20
		- it no longer increases by 5 when his crown comes off like his Will does
	- the Song of Silence now reduces monsters' Song Score by a quarter of the Player's Song Score

- abilities
	- reworked some of the pre-requisites for the Will Abilities
		- notably Hardiness is less essential and Constitution is a bit harder to get
	- added Parry as an alternate pre-req for Two Weapon Fighting
	- increased the Song skill requirement for the point of Grace from 13 to 15

- smithing
	- you can now try out creating any item without the required smithing abilities
		- things that you can't do without an additional ability are shown in red
	- there are no known bugs with smithing remaining
	- modified the stat costs for horns (used to all cost grace)

- dungeon generation
	- significantly more flexibility in vault generation
		- vaults can now appear rotated as well as reflected
		- vaults now can have flags for extra traps, webs, rotation, debugging
	- improved trap placement
		- now much more likely to appear in interesting places
		- so it can now be worth actually searching for them in some cases
	- chasms can no longer be generated before 150 ft 
		- (to make sure you can get to the guaranteed forge!)
	- halved the chance of locked doors
		- now 8% of all doors are locked, 4% are jammed

- dungeon features
	- chasms
		- staffs of freedom and song of freedom can now close chasms
			- but the difficulty is extremely high: 
				- 20 + number of adjacent chasm squares for the staff
				- 25 + number of adjacent chasm squares for the song
			- it therefore tends to close in from the edges
	- secret doors
		- tunnelling into them now gives you a (random) closed door instead of a broken door
		- to avoid it sometimes being better to not find a secret door than to find it
	- broken doors
		- changed their symbol to '.', so they are more distinct from open doors and less confusing

- objects
	- made herbs of restoration a bit more common early

- artefacts
	- made the new mithril artefacts (Starlight and Silverhand) more rare (as originally intended)

- bugfixes
	- fixed two smithing bugs
		- one had to do with re-choosing an enchantment after modifying the numbers
		- one had to do with abilities disappearing or duplicating on artefacts
	- fixed a terrible bug with the monster ability 'Exchange Places' 
		- which could cause you to be sent out of the dungeon if you killed the cat warrior who was exchanging
	- removed one of the messages when automatically picking up a thrown/fired item
	- fixed a bug where cancelling some but not all free attacks with a '!a' weapon didn't use up any time
	- fixed a bug where Woven Themes was having the effect of the removed ability Unwavering Voice
	- players were (again) getting the Opportunist free attack when an enemy was pushed with Knock Back
	- no longer takes any time to tunnel if you aren't going to be successful
		- i.e. it is more like realising you can't, than like trying and failing
	- fleeing monsters can no longer get free attacks of any kind
	- monsters that are frozen by song of mastery no longer get free attacks of any kind
	- can now automatically identify the Ring of Barahir (and perhaps others) by the Ability it grants
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