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Originally Posted by bron View Post
I was able to get this to compile on my Linux box with relatively little trouble. I haven't tried to actually play it yet, but I have gotten to the "town" screen with the given savefile.

What I did:

Run the command:
sh ./
In order to do this I had to first do two things:
1) The '' script has a space between the '#' and the '!' on the first line. The space needs to be removed.

2) I had to remove the carriage-return characters i.e. convert the dos standard "carriage-return / linefeed" into the Unix standard "linefeed" (only). Otherwise, the shell kept trying to treat the carriage-return as a command to execute. I do this with
     sed 's/\r//'  < infile  > outfile
but there are a host of other ways.

Once has been run, run the configure command. I used:
./configure --with-no-install --disable-x11 --prefix=`pwd`

We now want to compile it using "make". I used the default Makefile provided, except I had to comment out the line:
Once that was done, I could run "make". It compiled and linked, although it gave some errors after successfully linking.
Hi Bron

Thanks very much for that!

nikheizen said he got it compiled "on Ubuntu, using:"
./configure --with-no-install
which sounds like a subset of your changes - easier for him perhaps because he was using a different flavour of *nix?

Should I make these changes to the distro? or create a separate *nix distro?

I don't know much about this stuff as you can no doubt tell.

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