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Plans for Sil-Q 1.4.1 patch

There's going to be a 1.4.1 patch in the not too distant future. There are a couple of bugs I have addressed locally and not released - most notably that I broke some of the dependencies of Opportunist when switching it with Exchange Places so e.g. Rapid Attack depends on Exchange Places now (I did not intend this).

(I still however think Opportunist being so good people invested in Stealth just to take it indicates it was a little too cheap - I'm concerned with the implementation being wrong, not the idea).

There are one or two other things I will probably tweak as well. wobbly has suggested a buff to Song of Staying, and I might strengthen or change Thresholds and/or Overwhelming since nobody seems to have been tempted very much by them as yet.

I have a couple of directions I might also look at; one is taking a look at porting Sil-Q to Android using Shaosil's code, the other is trying to make 50' a bit more interesting - currently it's quite basic rooms and wolves and feedback on Sil I've had elsewhere indicates it's turning some people off.

I'm willing to listen to other suggestions if people have things to say, or if people have strong opinions on Android or the game start, that would be good to know too.
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