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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
This is a good summation. As for ideas for 3, how about if more powerful races had a lower level cap? Like, you topped out at level 40 for a high-elf and level 50 for a human, and everyone else was somewhere in-between? Newbies will die before the level cap becomes relevant. The biggest problem of course is that this limits spell access for full casters; a lot of the really class-defining spells would be unavailable to high-elves if we used the numbers I suggested. But both the level caps and the spell levels could be tweaked.
HPs would probably also be a problem. I think level limits make more sense if you add something like giants & give them insane hps/level. Quickband gives high elves the "Doom of Mandos" from clvl 27 which does bad stuff (not sure what, never played the high elf) but you could adapt Sil's danger mechanic where monsters are spawning at a higher depth or do something different.
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