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Originally Posted by Apostlyte View Post
Yeah, I am not savy enough to try and run my chromebook in unix. I would be willing to try it on a sd card, but again, I know nothing about linux.
FYI - I recently discovered that the Termux android app allows you to download/build/run angband directly on a chromebook without the need to use the dev channel or start a crosh shell etc.

The sequence of commands after installing and starting termux look like this (selectively taken from my command history, hopefully I didn't miss anything):

13 mkdir angband
15 cd angband/
16 wget
19 gunzip angband-4.2.0.tar.gz
21 tar xvf angband-4.2.0.tar
23 cd angband-4.2.0
32 pkg install automake
33 ./
39 pkg install clang
40 ./configure --with-no-install
45 make install
47 ./angband
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