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C) Finally, there is an old idea: combine online roguelike developers efforts - to try to find more point of joint work. Server's code isn't really compatible it seems, so as a start Flambard suggested - to make unified client for all trinity of online roguelikes. If it's not possible at this step - maybe at least make new features compatible for all clients? Maybe there could be certain 'API'-like compatibility?
I'm on in, and am trying to follow either TomeNET either PWMA when implementing ideas, which are similar.

Some things are kinda odd, for example, I wanted to copy PWMA's '#R500'-styled inscriptions, but noticed TomeNET already uses '#' inscriptions for something else, so that's a stalemate :/

I think we need some common place to gather, perhaps a wiki or a forum, where we can discuss this 3-way. I believe every party will have to 'give in' some features, which I'm fine with, as long as players benefit in the end.
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