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Ladder dump

This was a randarts game, and on the whole, I think I would have been better-off with a standart set this time around. I found a vast profusion of worthless weapons (low +to-dam, low damage dice, useless slays, no stat boosts, etc.) and a lot of useless armor artifacts too. My final gear has only four artifacts! (arkenstone, body armor, cloak, and gauntlets). My cloak is pretty badass, though, with +2 blows, and I was using an artifact axe for most of the game.

I've uploaded my artifacts spoilers here. Looking at it, there were some decent items that I never found -- Isirie, Ndiste, Amena, Marverot (which I must assume is Deathwreaker or Doomcaller), Sulir, etc. So I'm not blaming the randart generator for giving me a crappy set; just the RNG for not giving me useful ones from that set. Never did find an artifact launcher, for that matter...looks like there were some nice ones there. And plenty of lovely-looking body armors that just never showed up...not that the one useful randart body armor I found was bad, mind.

In general this game just feels like I found tons of useless stuff and one useful item for each slot, if that. No useful randart launchers/rings/shields/boots, one marginally useful amulet, one early-game useful helm. One early-game useful weapon, one late-game useful weapon, one useful body armor, one (very!) useful cloak (and one reasonably useful cloak, Rogril), one useful set of gloves. That said, I still feel quite lucky, because a) I was able to do without for much of the game, and b) the items I did find ended up covering all of my important holes and giving me an impressive offense. Plus, I got very lucky with my ego items in the late game.

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