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The weird thing is that I didn't really feel like I was playing very quickly. I did several recalls where I didn't take stairs at all around about 1750' -- I was missing basic resistances and see invisible, and didn't really want to go any deeper. Granted my actual dive to the basement went quickly, thanks to the batch of scrolls of Deep Descent I got from the black market. But then I hung around in the deeps for a decently long interval, going from running the heck away from almost everything to beating the snot out of a carefully-chosen subset of the uniques, and finally getting my stats up and important resistances covered.

What I find interesting about my final loadout is how delicate my resistance coverage is. I have only one source each of resistance to poison, blindness, confusion, nexus, nether, chaos, and disenchantment -- and those latter four are each on separate items! I have one source of free action, one source of see invisible, and one source of telepathy. And of course I never found sound/shards resistance in a useful form.

And yeah, playing as a paladin is very nice. You have good melee throughout the game, so no horribly slow start like the priests have, but that 300HP Heal spell came in handy so very often. While I was breaking down big dragons in melee, I was thinking to myself "Man, how do other classes manage to kill these things with so few Healing potions available?" and then I remembered, oh yeah, you buy out the Temple to get lots of CCW potions, and phase door and chug 'em like they're water. Or you play like a Ranger and shoot everything to death from outside melee range. Casting big healing spells is much easier, and more fun.
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