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Originally Posted by Tiburon Silverflame View Post
But a helm of +1 blows may well become the choice when a source of ESP comes available in a different slot. The power of a feature can often be how it combines.

But, +1 blows, or even +2 blows, is less of an issue than +1 shots. +1 shots means +100% damage; +2 blows even to a mage means only +50%, and to a warrior it's only +33%. That's maxed out, of course; prior to stat gain, one could find a nice heavy weapon that only gives one high-damage swing. Now the extra blow == +100% damage.
Which is of course a rather nice side effect, making heavy weapons possible choices in the early game, which they otherwise wouldn't be.

I think perhaps the solution to shots and blows on nonweapon randarts is to make them supercharges - i.e. they don't appear alongside (m)any other attributes.
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