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Well, here's a rough patch to split regen into HP and mana regen. There's three main problems I see with it:

* I had to push "impair mana regen" off of the character screen to make room for the new flag. No idea what the proper action is here, since there's quite literally no room for more flags. Add a second page with just one flag?
* It breaks savefile compatibility since the flags have been shuffled around (I used up TR2_XXX5 and TR2_XXX6 and created TR2_XXX1)
* object.txt, ego_item.txt, artifact.txt, and p_race.txt are all broken now because the REGEN flag is invalid, replaced by REGEN_HP and REGEN_MANA.

I've only done very rudimentary testing -- I switched all REGEN to REGEN_HP to fix the object file incompatibility, created a new amulet of "mental regeneration", rolled up a high-elven ranger, punted him to level 50, and generated both regen amulets. With bodily regeneration he gets ~4HP/round and 1SP/round, with mental regeneration he gets ~2HP/round and 2SP/round. A half-troll warrior gets ~5HP/round; a half-troll priest gets ~5HP/round and ~.66SP/round. I think half-troll priests just got a lot less viable.

The patch is based off of the downloadable 3.1.2v2 source from oook, not the nightly. Sorry. I should've thought about that before starting work...
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